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Car-sharing Edit

From Belgium or Dover Edit

  • Emmanuelle Delescolle + Leila Verhaegen
    • We are driving from Belgium (Namur) very early (3.30 a.m.) on the 30th. We will be crossing from Dunkirk to Dover by the 8.00 ferry. There are 2 of us for now, this leaves an empty spot (maybe 2 depending on the size of your luggage). Ping @emmaDelescolle on Twitter if you're interested.

Plane Edit

From Amsterdam Edit

  • Markus Holtermann
  • Bashar Al-Abdulhadi (Transit from Kuwait) ping me if you want to share a taxi to the hotel [twitter:@_Bashar]
    • Departure May 30th, 09:10am (local time)
    • Arrival: May 30th, 09:30am (local time)
    • Flight number: KL1059
  • Shai Berger (Transit from Tel Aviv), on Monday June 1
    • Departing Amsterdam 16:40 (local)
    • Arriving at Bristol 16:55 (local)
    • Flight KL1053
  • Raphael Michel (Transit from Frankfurt), on Sunday, May 31th
    • Departing Amsterdam 16:20 (local)
    • Arriving at Cardiff 16:40 (local)
    • Flight KL1063