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Coach need couch! Edit

I've been accepted as a coach for DjangoGirls in Cardiff on 31th May, which means I have to arrive one day early on 30th May. I have a hostel booked from 31th May and everything affordable is fully booked right know (not surprisingly). To be honest, I totally missed that I should change my reservation…

The question is: Do you have a spare couch where you could squeeze me for one night? I really require only 1 square metre. If so, please ping me at twitter @tomas_ehrlich, email: or join me in train leaving from London Paddington at 12:45, 30th May.

House sharing proposal Edit

The French Python Association ( has booked a house in Cardiff for some attendees of DjangoConEu. We have some beds empty, so if you want to share that place, contact Arthur.

The place is described here :

We booked it from 30 of may to 3rd of june. It costs 43EUR (around 31GBP at the moment) by night and by attendee. We are open to people staying less than 4 days...


I'm looking for a room mate for the night between Friday and Saturday (night after sprints) at Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Airport. The maximum capacity of the room is four persons (one double bed, one convertible sofa). Price will be 200e divided by the amount of persons in the room. If the hotel charges more for a shared room, then the cost might be a bit more.

If you have flight on Satruday and you have a hard time finding a room for the last night, contact Anssi Kääriäinen at


I'm looking for someone in Cardiff to CouchHost me on May 29th. Here's my couchsurfing profile: Feel free to contact me jpic atttt yourlabs dottt org or call me +33 605 757 226 or on IRC: jpic